Where to find me

You can find me in a variety of places. Physically, I am in Oregon on unceded land of the Kalapuya people with my two cats and a whole lot of community.

I can be found on Instagram @altheais, email, no-more-than-weekly via my newsletter,  here on my website, and in a variety of learning spaces led by some of my favorite humans.

Below is a rolling list of different places I've popped up in this world wide web:

This piece on Courtney Harris Coaching's blog for teens and parents of teens: "What You Need to Know About Abolition and Transformative Justice"

I had so much fun writing this piece for teenagers!  Court is an incredibly thoughtful, open, and genuine human and wonderful to work with. They coach teens and parents of teens, as well as birthing people as a companion during labor and beyond. While I'm not a parent of teens, so much of their work resonates with my teenage self. I wish my mom and I had a Court when I was a teenager. 

They recently released a workbook Hitting Refresh: Reflections for Parents of Teenagers that looks soooo fantastic.